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    SMTP Servers

    The Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) is the internet standard that is used to send Emails. SMTP uses the default TCP port 25 to send mails and the Port 587 to receive them. The standard port for SSL secured connections is 465. The camera needs to know the IP address of its initial SMTP server and this has to be given as part of its configuration (usually given as a DNS name like smtp.gmail.com). This server will deliver outgoing messages on behalf of the user. The SMTP server typically requires authentication of clients by credentials before allowing access. Usually the users email address is used as user name and the password that is used to login to the email providers website is also the SMTP password.

    Email Provider Server Address Authentification Service Port
    Gmail smtp.gmail.com SSL 465
    smtp.gmail.com StartTLS 587
    T-Online securesmtp.t-online.de SSL 465
    securesmtp.t-online.de StartTLS 25
    securesmtp.t-online.de StartTLS 587
    GMX smtp.gmx.net SSL 465
    smtp.gmx.com SSL 465
    mail.gmx.net SSL 465
    1&1 smtp.1and1.com StartTLS 587
    smtp.1und1.de TLS 587
    smtp.1und1.de SSL 465
    O2 mail.o2mail.de SSL 465
    mail.o2mail.de SSL 587
    mail.o2online.de SSL 587
    smtp.o2mail.de SSL 465
    smtp.o2online.de SSL 465
    smtp.o2online.de TLS 587
    smtp.o2.co.uk None 25
    Vodafone smtp.vodafone.de SSL 465
    smtp.vodafone.de TLS 587
    smtp.vodafone.de None 25
    Web.de smtp.web.de SSL 587
    smtp.web.de StartTLS 587
    Strato smtp.strato.de SSL 465
    smtp.strato.de TLS 465
    smtp.strato.de None 25
    Alice smtp.alice.de SSL 465
    smtp.alice.de None 25
    smtp.alice-dsl.de SSL 465
    mail.alice-dsl.de SSL 465
    out.alice-dsl.net SSL 465
    NetCologne smtp.netcologne.de SSL 465
    smtp.netcologne.de StartTLS 587
    smtp.netcologne.de StartTLS 25
    A1 smtp.a1.net None 25
    Bluewin.ch smtpauth.bluewin.ch SSL 587
    Arcor mail.arcor.de None 25
    mail.arcor.de TLS 465
    mail.arcor.de SSL 465
    Freenet mx.freenet.de SSL 587
    mx.freenet.de StartTLS 587
    mx.freenet.de None 25
    Chello mgate.chello.at None 25
    Compuserve smtp.compuserve.de None 25
    iCloud Mail smtp.mail.me.com SSL 587
    Easyline smtp.easyline.at None 25
    Drei smtp.drei.at None 25
    Outlook.com smtp.live.com StartTLS 587
    Office365.com smtp.office365.com TLS 587
    Yahoo Mail smtp.mail.yahoo.de SSL 465
    smtp.mail.yahoo.com SSL 465
    plus.smtp.mail.yahoo.com SSL 465
    plus.smtp.mail.yahoo.co.uk SSL 465
    AOL smtp.de.aol.com SSL 587
    smtp.aim.com SSL 587
    AT&T smtp.att.yahoo.com SSL 465
    AT&T smtp.att.yahoo.com SSL 465
    Orange smtp.orange.net None 25
    smtp.orange.co.uk None 25
    Hotmail smtp.live.com SSL 465
    smtp.live.com SSL 587
    Comcast smtp.comcast.net TLS 587
    Verizon outgoing.verizon.net TLS 587
    outgoing.yahoo.verizon.net TLS 587
    Mail smtp.mail.com SSL 465
    smtp.mail.de SSL 587
    smtp.mail.de None 25
    Inode smtp.inode.at None 25
    Kabelbw smtp.kabelbw.de SSL 587
    smtp.kabelbw.de None 25
    Kabel Deutschland smtp.kabelmail.de None 25
    Lycos smtp.lycos.de None 25

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