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    FTP Server Setup

    Setting up a FTP server on your Windows Computer

    Your camera can upload pictures during an alarm event or you can also upload pictures in a defined time period to any kind of FTP server. Besides online offers for FTP servers or Routers which can function as a FTP server you can also set up your local computer or server to function as a FTP server in order to receive pictures from the camera.

    Download FileZilla Server

    All you need to do is get a FTP tool like FileZilla:

    Set up a FTP Server under Windows
    Download the FileZilla Server installation file.

    Enter the Filezilla website (1) and download the server edition of FileZilla (2).

    Install the Server

    If you run into any troubles during the installation process, please follow our installation guide HERE

    Start the Server

    After installation please start the FTP server.

    Set up a FTP Server under Windows
    Connect to your localhost ( server.

    As the Server Address you should type in localhost or and as Port you can use the standard setting which is (Port: 14147). The administration password can be chosen by you. After submitting with OK the server will be started and can now be configured for your IP camera.

    Set up a FTP Server under Windows
    Connect to your localhost ( server.

    Add a FTP User

    Now please set up a user for your cameras account. By clicking Edit and then Users you can access the user settings.

    Set up a FTP Server under Windows
    Set up a ftp user for your camera.

    In General (1) please choose Add (2) and type in a user name for your cameras account (3). After that you can choose a password for this account (4) and click OK to save the settings.

    Set up a FTP Server under Windows
    Chose a name and password for the user account.

    Add a local Directory

    Now we have to select the folder in which the camera will save the pictures. Please choose Shared folders and then Add to select the folder in which the pictures will be saved on your local hard drive. After selection the folder please mark the folder and set it as the Home Directory by clicking set as home dir. Please also make sure that under "Files" the Read and Write access rights are selected. Sometimes the default setting might be only Read. This would cause that you get a error message if you try to write any files...

    Set up a FTP Server under Windows
    Set a upload directory for your camera.
    Set up a FTP Server under Windows
    And make it the Home Directory.

    Add an Exception to your Windows Firewall

    Set your Computers IP Address

    In order to set the ftp Server in your IP camera you have to know the computers IP on which FileZilla Server is running. Open the Command Prompt (which can be found in Start - Programs - Accessories - Command Promt under Windows XP / or typy in cmd into your computer search in Windows 7/8/8.1) and type "ipconfig" to display your computers IP address. This IP address is the FTP server address you have to use in your camera's web user interface (see below).

    Set up a FTP Server under Windows
    Use the command prompt to display your workstations IP address which will be your FTP Server address you have to set inside the cameras user interface.

    This IP Address might change every now and then if it is assigned to you by your router (DHCP). To assign a static IP address to your Windows PC follow this Instruction.

    Configure your Camera for the FTP Upload

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