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    Setting up port forwarding in your DLink Router

    To access your camera through the internet you will need a portforwarding service inside your router. For more general information about the ddns access please refer to HERE.

    Step 1

    To access the user interface of your router open the following address with your internet browser . The default login is username = admin and password is left blank. Navigate to the "Portweiterleitung" in the "Erweitert" menu (s. below).

    DLink Router Portforwarding
    Go to Advanced/Portforwarding to set a new port forwarding rule for your camera.

    Step 2

    Check the box in front of the service you want to use and choose a name for it in the "Name" field. Type your cameras IP address into the field "IP Address" underneath. You can find your cameras IP address using our IP Camera Tool. Set both the "Öffentlicher Port" and "Privater Port" to the port you want to operate your camera on.The default port is 80. Lastly choose TCP as "Datenverkehrstyp" and click on "Einstellungen speichern" to save the service.

    DLink Router Portforwarding
    Go to Advanced/Type in a namefor the rule, the camera's local IP address, LAN port and choose the TCP protocol.

    Step 3

    Your camera can now be reached via the ddns address that can be found under System/Info in your cameras user interface (s. above). In case the port 80 is already taken in your network you will have to change the camera port under Network/Basic Network Settings and of course adjust the portforwarding service to the new port.

    DLink Router Portforwarding
    Use your personal internet address under System/Info in the camera's web user interface to your camera from the road.

    More Cameras

    If you are using more then one camera you have to also create another Port rule for each camera.Please make sure that the Öffentliche Port is always different for each port forwarding. For example if you are using Port 80 for the first camera then the second camera should have the Port 81 and the third camera Port 82 and so on.

    To open each camera you would type in something like this:

    Camera 1
    Camera 2

    and so on...

    Note: You can access all cameras with only one internet address. Only the Port at the end has to be changed. Therefore, you do not have to remember all DDNS addresses of the camera. You only need to remember one address.

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