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    IN-Motion 300 black

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    External infrared motion detector

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    What is IN-MOTION 300?

    IN-MOTION is a passive (PIR) motion detector. This sensor is the perfect extension for your ip camera in order to minimize false alarms. While the camera is using a software based motion detection which compares each picture (frame) with each other to identify a motion, the PIR detector is only detecting humans or bigger animals which will release heat from the bodys. This way a tree which is moving in the wind or light which gets turned on and off will not cause an alarm of your ip camera. The IN-MOTION motion detector will not detect this kind of movment as an alarm which will lower the amount of false alarms enormously.

    What is PIR?

    PIR stands for Passive Infrared or Pyroelectric Infrared. PIR sensors can be defined as detectors of warm-bodied targets in motion. A stationary target can not be detected. To detect a moving target, the target must have a surface temperature that is substantially different than the surrounding ambient temperature. Although the usual targets of a PIR detector are warm-bodied (mammals, birds), the PIR sensor will also detect a moving target that has a surface temperature that is significantly lower than the ambient temperature. As long as the target is large enough, and its surface temperature is detectably different than the ambient (higher or lower) - and the target is moving - it can be detected by a PIR sensor.


    • Significant reduction of false alarms of your IP camera
    • Very easy Plug n Play Technology. Simply plug it in the power outlet and connect it to your ip camera
    • Accurate detection of humans thanks to high quality infrared sensors

    Contents of delivery:

    • 1x IN-MOTION 300
    • 1x 4m signal cable
    • 1x power supply (12V / 3A) with 3m cable
    • 1x set of dowls and screws
    • 1x installation manual

    ATTENTION! Although IN-MOTION 300 is compatible with all devices with an alarm input, the sensor is not water proof and is therefore intended for indoor use.

    Overall product information
    Power supply DC 9V - 16V
    max. power consumption 18mA @ DC 12V
    Relais output NC / NO, DC 28V / 100mA
    Working temperature -10° C — +50° C
    Start-up duration 60 seconds (warm-up time up to 10 minutes in temperatures below -10°C!)
    Detection distance Diameter ~ 8m (at 3,6m height)
    Detection angle 360° @ ~ 90° opening angle
    Sensor Dual element pyroelectric sensor
    Special feature Ceiling- or wallmount
    Requirements & Measurements
    For Model IN-2905 V2, IN-2907, IN-2908, IN-3001, IN-3005, IN-3010, IN-3010 PoE, IN-3011, IN-4009, IN-4010, IN-4011, IN-5905HD, IN-5907HD, IN-5907HD PoE, IN-6011HD, IN-6012HD, IN-6012HD PoE, IN-7011HD, IN-7011HD PoE, IN-8015 Full HD
    Weight 20g
    Measurements in cm (H / W / D) 7.9 / 7.9 / 2.3

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