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    Convince yourself now!
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    IN-9008 FULL HD
    The new series is equipped with a
    1080p WDR PANASONIC CMOS sensor.
    In addition, the IN-9008 Full HD has a
    powerful PANASONIC PIR sensor integrated.
    Finally put an end to cable salad!
    We listened to our customers and with the IN-9008 Full HD we present
    an outdoor camera in which you can simply connect your necessary wires!
    Convince yourself of the new PANASONIC WDR CMOS sensor, which delivers a breathtakingly sharp 1080p Full HD image.
    The new PANASONIC WDR CMOS Sensor delivers crisp 1080p Full HD footage.
    A whole million additional pixels help to display even the smallest details neatly.
    IN-9008 Full HD
    What is Wide Dynamic Range?
    Wide Dynamic Range (WDR) is an image enhancement that can reproduce high brightness differences in great detail. In practice, WDR is particularly important in backlighting and high shadowing.
    INSTAR Camera (WDR)
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    New interactive Smart WebUI
    Also security camera may have a chic design!
    The smart WebUI makes it easy to make all the settings and helps actively prevent incorrect settings.
    Secure HTTPS data transfer
    SSL / TLS encryption
    Multi-platform WebUI & APP
    Windows, MacOS, Linux, iPhone, iPad, Android, Win Phone, Blackberry, Kindle
    Unique HTML5 WebUI for desktop and mobile browsers!
    Free APP for all mobile platforms!
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